Before you move often, you must move well.

The Movement is open to anyone, at any level of fitness level.

We have designed 3 unique classes that range from beginning movers to advanced athletes so anyone, at any fitness level is able to participate. No matter your fitness level, you will meet with our physical therapist or movement specialist who will perform an assessment to see which class is appropriate for you and to outline your goals for the 8 week class. This step is essential to your new way of working out: Working Smarter, Not Harder.

Getting Started: Movement Assessment

We found a gap in most workout classes or gyms, which is not taking into account that each person comes to class with a unique history of the stress they put on their bodies. When these are assessed programming becomes highly effective and the reduction for injury decreases. Assessment entail:

  • Orthopedic exam of joint ranges of motion.
  • Nervous system and breathing assessment.
  • Global movement patterns such as squat and pushup mechanics.
  • Goals for your 8 week session.
  • Corrective movements to address any findings in the assessment.


Foundations is designed to teach you to move well through awareness of breath and body mechanics while you are in motion.


Once you know how to move well, you can move often and increase endurance. You will increase your capacity for load and built muscular and cardiovascular endurance.


With proper exercise form and physical endurance, strength can be built and the sky is the limit to your performance!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Each class, no matter the level, is based on a scientific approach that keeps you moving well, avoids injury and builds your capacity to perform in every day actives to athletic competitions.

  • Corrective exercises given to you in your Assessment. (15 minutes)
  • Mindset of setting intentions for your hour in what you want to focus on. (1 minute)
  • Warm up of joint using Functional Range Conditioning to prepare for load. (15 minutes)
  • Strength and Endurance exercises. (15 – 25 minutes)
  • Stop the stress process with breathing. (1-3 minutes)

As you read earlier, the Law of Diminished Return states, we don’t need to do more than 25 minutes of strength training or endurance training per day. In addition, each class prepares your muscles and your nervous system to accept ALL of the load that you give it in that short amount of time. The results are effective and efficient, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.