Our Team

Alex Boettcher

Head Strength Coach


Alex’s journey into coaching is unlike a lot of his fitness peers. He didn’t play any organized sport past tee ball and “chase the ball” soccer. Alex didn’t approach the weightroom in any serious capacity until his mid 20s. Once he did, though, it very quickly escalated from a good thing he knows he’s “supposed” to do to a fascination. He spent most of his spare time consuming material related to the subject not only for his own benefit but to learn more about moving other bodies, for different goals, and from different start points.

After several years of independent research, working on his own lifting and starting to compete in the sport of Strongman (you know the sport that shows up on ESPN at 1am during the holidays where monstrous men and women flip tires, pull semis, and lift stones) he got his first job training individuals. Since that moment he has accumulated 10 years experience as a full time fitness coach primarily working with people new to the gym and people who have had difficulty exercising due to injury, negative experience, or special circumstance.

Approach to Training

Having a movement practice, any movement practice, is good. If your movement practice is lifting in the gym, great! If you’re using your work in the gym to be a better hiker, soccer player, gardener, parent, caregiver, or graceful ager Alex’s strength sessions will support the thing that drives you physically. Alex works to take the things you enjoy doing and enhance them through use of strength training, energy system training, and mobility work.

A large part of Alex’s ideology is focused around creating an exercise program that allows you to move forever. To that end he makes sure to spend a lot of time finding your individual start point and he will program around your lifestyle to improve your strength, resilience, and posture. He will get you to work hard without feeling incredibly sore, beat up, or injured. You should feel better and more energetic leaving the gym than when you walked in. This approach creates a sustainable, effective exercise program.

Outside Work

Alex always has been and continues to be a self proclaimed “huge dork”. When he’s not lifting, competing or teaching exercise he’s either hanging out with his dogs and partner or he’s gaming. Primarily video and board games, but more recently is loving his new venture into Dungeons and Dragons.