Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

If you are taking the time to make fitness and moving your body a priority, nutrition is an essential component to allowing your body to feel and look its best. Balanced and proper nutrition for an active lifestyle allows you to have optimal energy during workouts and recovering from workouts. This maintains optimal body composition while increasing mental clarity and capacity in all realms of life.

Our 4 Step Nutrition Strategy

  • Define your goals – your coach will ask you to think about your short and long term goals over the 3 months. Yes, 3 months! Research says it takes 66 days to make a new habit. The first months of working together will be recognizing your current habits and learning what works and what doesn’t for your body.
  • Name your obstacles – by knowing what will make your journey difficult, you and your coach can prepare and define strategies that will allow you to work with these obstacles. Allow your coach to guide you through the process and take the guesswork out of success.
  • Make a plan – with clear goals and potential obstacles, you and your coach can now make a daily and weekly plans. Plans that incorporate your daily schedule along with the nutrition you need to feel your best. This PLAN includes 1. The best foods and meals for you 2. When to eat based on your life and workout schedule 3. Which days are the best to meal prep
  • Accountability check-ins – these times are often weekly in the beginning as you and your coach dial in your program. Check-ins will become less often depending your level of understanding and compliance with your plan. These check-ins are for your success so you and your coach will develop a strategy that works for you.